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Over time hair loses its texture, strength and shine, leaving it looking and feeling dull, dehydrated and unhealthy. The lack of melanin causes hair to turn grey. It is coarser, drier and frizzier because the oil glands in the scalp produce less sebum. It becomes more fragile and sensitive to the sun’s rays and to pollution, turning yellow and prone to damage. Our hair changes as we age and so should our haircare.

No. Colouring is not equal to care. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with colouring, it does not take care of the texture, strength and overall health of your greys.

Yes! As hair ages and becomes grey, it loses strength, shine and pigment. Without attending to its unique needs, grey hair can end up becoming very weak and dull. This is why for grey hair to look good and feel good, one must choose the right hair products. Amazing Greys is a specialized range of haircare products that does exactly that.

That’s right. If you have hair that is slowly greying it needs special care and generalist haircare products are not good enough. They might still help with basic cleansing and conditioning, but they could strip your hair of moisture and essential oils, maybe even causing more damage than repair. Grey hair has special needs and therefore needs specialized care.


The Amazing Greys Shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes hair, without stripping away its natural moisture and repairs years of damage and chemical buildup. The Amazing Greys Conditioner provides intense hydration to grey hair from root to tip, locking in moisture and smoothening frizz. The Amazing Greys Serum protects hair from damage from harmful UV rays and pollution to prevent the yellowing of greys and fading of colour.

We recommend using all three products of the Amazing Greys range for best results as each product takes care of a separate grey hair problem. The three are created to work together and complement one another for the total well-being of grey hair.  ​

Absolutely! Even if coloured, grey hair still faces the same  problems. It is not as strong, doesn't have the same ability to absorb nutrients as black hair, making it drier, frizzier and weaker. Therefore, it needs all the extra care it can get. In fact, our grey haircare range also protects colour from fading. 

No. Colour-protect shampoos don't protect the greys, just the colour from fading. The Amazing Greys range protects hair colour effectively and intensely hydrates the hair ensuring it’s left smooth and healthy. ​

Absolutely. ​

No, our products don’t delay or reverse greying of hair. Instead, they cleanse, hydrate and protect already prevalent greys and non-greys. ​

Not at all. The Amazing Greys range of products does not make black or brown hair grey, it ​only cares for the grey hair that you already have.

Yes, you can use Amazing Greys on a head of hair that’s not fully grey. Every strand of grey needs all the love.

Yes, we specialize in grey haircare and so our products are relevant to all ages.

There is no difference in the hair of men and women. The Amazing Greys range is a unisex product and is equally good for both men and women. 

Yes, our packs are made of HDPE and glass. HDPE is one of the easiest polymers to recycle and glass is 100% recyclable.


Our products are made using natural actives and combined with safe synthetics that are certified by international regulatory bodies. For more details, go to the product details section. ​

Natural actives are derived from natural sources and are naturally processed to offer targeted benefits to specific concerns more effectively.

Everything on the planet has a chemical composition, from the air we breathe, to the food we eat, even the water we drink. Compounds occur naturally and can be synthetically derived as well. So not all chemicals are bad, and we’ve ensured that the ones we use in our products are not the kind that harm you.

No. Our products do not contain any harsh or toxic ingredients that damage the health of your hair.

We have used the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI), on our packs in keeping with the industry standards and regulations. That’s why they sound so complicated. Rest assured, the ingredients whether synthetically derived from organic compounds or naturally created, are completely safe and dermatologically tested.

It will not. Our products are approved by dermatologists and are clinically tested. At the same time, various factors could lead to hair loss. We suggest that you consult your doctor.​

Our products are made with natural actives and certified ingredients that are safe to use. If you have unique allergies to certain natural ingredients, please do a patch test before using our products.​

No, we do not test our products on animals. ​

Yes, our products are certified vegan.

Yes, our products are dermatologically tested and safe to use. We also put our products through intense trial with a selected jury of men and women between the ages of 45 – 65 years, with diverse grey hair types and grey hair concerns. All to make sure we offer you the best grey haircare products. ​

Yes, we make sure no exploitation of labour occurs, no animal cruelty or unethical practices go into the making of our products. ​

Though our products don’t contain any artificial colours, it is normal for products with natural actives to change colour or fragrance slightly over time. Rest assured, this will not affect its performance at all. Your Amazing Greys products remain safe and completely effective till the expiry date.


The Amazing Greys shampoo is made to be gentle yet effective and can be used as regularly as every day or as often as you usually do.

You may use it with another regular shampoo, but for best results, we recommend using all three products of the Amazing Greys range together.

Absolutely! You can feel free to oil your hair before the wash. You will find that the lathering is low in the first wash. You may need a second application to wash off the oil.

Yes, the range is colour-safe. 

Sulphates are prevalent in household cleaners, laundry detergents and ordinary shampoos, and they ensure greater lathering effect. Sulphates dry out hair by stripping it off its natural oils and is not suited to grey hair which tends to be drier than normal hair. ​The Amazing Greys shampoo is free of sulphates and therefore, doesn’t lather as much as ordinary shampoos.

The shampoo cleanses residue and buildup from constant product usage, it’s natural for your hair to feel drier after the first 3 or 4 washes. You need to give it this much time to allow your hair to restore its natural oil balance and for the shampoo to work its magic.

Go easy on the quantity you apply and don’t try to work up a lather as that will dehydrate your hair. Play around with the amount of product you apply for 3-4 washes before you arrive at the perfect quantity for your hair.

Play around with the amount of product you apply for 3-4 washes before you arrive at the perfect quantity for your hair.

Make sure you leave the conditioner on for the full 2 minutes. Don’t lose patience. It’s best not to over-rinse the hair. The protective layer which seals in moisture should not get washed off. It will take 4-5 washes for the conditioner to work its magic to help your hair’s natural oil production get back to healthy levels.

Use moderately hot water when applying and rinsing the shampoo as it stimulates the scalp for sebum production, opens clogged pores, and cleans buildup more effectively. Scalding hot water strips hair essential natural oils from the scalp and causes dryness and frizz. The final rinse (for conditioner) should be done with cold water. Cold water helps retain natural oils and sebum in your hair, improves blood circulation and seals the cuticle layers, locking in moisture.

Yes, you’ll get best results if you follow the Amazing Greys shampoo with the Amazing Greys conditioner because it locks in the moisture and hair protein that revives your glorious grey hair.​


The sun and UV rays oxidise your hair strands, strip hair of moisture, leaves cuticles open and exposed to damage, break the keratin structure and cause yellowing or brassiness by neutralising the blue-tint in greys. The Amazing Greys Serum is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and more to offer UV protection.

The Amazing Greys Serum can be used on both dry and damp hair.

You can use it every day, even on days when you don’t wash your hair.

No, the Amazing Greys Serum does not protect hair from heating and styling appliances. Styling products use harmful silicones which we have left out of our formula.

Silicones are used in styling products and leave a greasy residue on your hair and scalp which is hard to wash off. Water-based serums protect hair by penetrating deeper into the hair shaft than silicone-based serums. The Amazing Greys Hair Serum is water-based, light and doesn’t weigh your hair down which makes it ideal for daily use.

No, the Amazing Greys Hair Serum is free of silicones and alcohol.​​

The Amazing Greys Serum, being water-based, tends to be thinner in consistency and therefore needs a few pumps. From our consumer testing, we have found that those with short hair require about 1 to 2 pumps, medium hair needs 3 to 4 pumps and longer/drier hair need 5 or more pumps to cover your hair from root to tip.

You may re-apply the serum a few hours after the first application.

You may use the Amazing Greys Hair Serum every day to protect your hair from harmful UV rays of the sun and everyday pollution. ​

Yes. The Amazing Grey Hair Serum protects hair cuticles, whether artificially coloured or not, from free radical damage caused by UV rays and pollution.


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