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Centuries of tradition have dictated that beauty is a privilege reserved for the young. Greys and wrinkles were considered symbols of being unattractive and ‘past one’s prime’. But the world has changed and today we live among men and women who are not limited by their age and conventional standards of beauty. A rising generation that embraces the passing years with joy and pride.​

We discovered that there was absolutely nothing in the Indian personal care market catering exclusively to this generation. Some offer an odd product as part of a larger range, a few promise to miraculously turn back time and a whole lot prefix ‘ageing’ with the word ‘anti’. But we believe that middle-agers don’t necessarily want to look younger. They want to look their best. And their unique needs are simply not adequately addressed by generalist products in the market today. And this is exactly why we started Amazing Greys. To change the prejudice, change the perception and redefine the world of good looks with confidence, style and freedom to be exactly who we are.​

As we continue to grow and expand our range, we promise to stay committed to our belief that good looks are not defined by age, offer only clean and effective products, and find ways to do what we do better.​

Do mail or call us with feedback. We’d love to hear from you. Enjoy shopping and have an amazing day. Every day. ​

VS Srikanth, Rimona Ganapathy and Binoy Wilson,

Founders, Amazing Greys.


Call: 63600 69419. E-mail: hello@amazinggreys.in Write to: Fifty Rocks Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd., 90/2, 1st Floor, Charles Campbell Road, Cox Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560005.

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