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Inspiring Grey Hair Transition Journeys.

For years, society has put a premium on youth, with the Indian personal care market being rife with anti-ageing and age reversal products. Societal perception around this, however, is rapidly evolving. The movement to embrace natural grey hair is coming to the forefront. We are seeing more and more men and women rocking the naturally grey look, among our friends, on the streets, and on social media. It is no longer seen as a sign of ‘letting yourself go’. Instead, it’s a bold statement of confidence and ownership. Being inspired by these stories is one thing but making the change ourselves is not as easy as it sounds. Transitioning from regularly colouring your greys to embracing them is an incredibly personal journey and everyone has a different timeline to reach that point. Read on to see how these two women, after years of wrestling with the dilemma of whether to continue colouring or not, finally decided to see the silver lining in flaunting their greys.


1. Rani Bharathan

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An architect and a single mother to two amazing kids, Rani maintains that grey is simply just another colour. She says that focusing on staying physically and mentally healthy, helps her feel confident flaunting any hair colour or style. Her decision to transition came with its own share of snide remarks and comments, with friends calling her Indira Gandhi and making fun of her age. Finding a partner, she notes, is also quite a task as men feel rather insecure dating women with grey hair. Rani emphasises that embracing yourself ‘just the way you are’ is never easy and straightforward, it comes at different points in everyone’s life. She believes that, while social stereotypes will always exist and make life difficult for us, in the end, it is upto us to shatter them. Rani proclaims, “I love my sparkles and I'm gonna let them shine!”


2. Sabah Mistry

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Sabah, our next silver sister, works in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion space. She started greying in her mid-thirties, a subject of ridicule amongst her friends and colleagues. From the get-go, Sabah tried many a time to embrace her greys, but each attempt was made in vain. She was told that she looked a decade older than she was, her hair didn’t match her young-looking face, or that it didn’t fit with her work profile. She notes that while her ex-husband understood why she wanted to flaunt her greys, he still told her that it would look odd to others to see him paired with a grey-haired wife. Staying at home in 2020 finally helped her take the plunge. Sabah decided to finally say no to colouring her hair. After years of taunts and jibes about her greying, this time, they held less weight. She was prepared. What surprised her was the amount of compliments she received along the way as well. She finally rocks the salt-and-pepper look with pride. When we asked Sabah for her advice, it was simple: “No matter how long the journey takes, when you’re ready, you’re ready.”


Grey hair? Do care. 

Whether you embark on your journey to embrace your natural greys, or continue to colour them, they need special care. Greying changes the texture and structure of your strands, meaning that you need extremely hydrating and moisturising products so that your hair stays smooth and frizz-free. The Amazing Greys range of grey haircare products, including a shampoo, conditioner, and serum, are the perfect regimen to care for your silver hair.



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