Discover different types of necklines

Do you hide your neck behind high collared blouses and scarves? After 40, skin develops fine lines and wrinkles and the neck is the first to show it, making you look older than you are.

Hide no more. Pay attention to the needs of your neck so you can sport bold and beautiful necklines that flatter you. Whether you wear saree blouses, kurtas, tops or dresses, show the confidence you have in your skin by adding a variety of necklines to your wardrobe. Read on to explore the various trending styles to accentuate and flaunt your neck.

1. Cowl Neck

The cowl neck is one of the most universally flattering necklines. Whether it is a sexy satin dress for a night out, a cozy sweater and jeans, or a casual kurta to run errands, this neckline never fails.

cowl neck 

2. Collared Neck

Collars draws the eye away from the bust area and to the shoulders. It can paired with jeans for a casual lunch, it even works on a saree blouse for a trendy look. This style is super versatile!

collared shirt 

3. Asymmetric/One Shoulder

This dramatic and daring neckline is a great addition to your wardrobe. It is super fun to experiment with and can add an element of excitement to your everyday outfit.

asymmetric top, one shoulder top 

4. Halter Neck

This neckline flatters broad shoulders the most. It can be paired with statement or drop earrings for a night out or dressed down for a sunny day out at the beach!

halter neck top

5. Off Shoulder

This is an elegant, romantic style that is the perfect balance between graceful and fun. The neckline works on dresses, tops and sweaters. Pair it with a choker for an edgy look.

off shoulder top

6. Keyhole

An interesting neckline, this one adds a pop to an otherwise simple outfit for many kinds of occasions. It works great for a kurta or top. The keyhole itself can be made in many different shapes.

keyhole top  

7. Scoop

A classic look that's universally flattering, it lengthens the neckline and shows off the collarbones. Goes well with a dainty necklace for a casual look or with a statement piece for a more dressed-up version.

scoop neck tshirt 

8. Square

This neckline gives a lovely contrast to your natural curves and helps to elongate a short neck. It also widens the shoulders and balances out your hips. It is perfect for showing off your collarbone area and décolletage.

square neck lace top 

9. Surplice

This dramatic style is a great way to define your waist with its crossover effect. It also elongates the neck and draws eyes upwards to the face. Plunging necklines look amazing when dressed up with a dainty long necklace!

deep neck top 

10. Sweetheart

This neckline enhances the bust and is a great way to show off your curves. It also elongates the face and provides balance to the silhouette. This style works well with not just dresses and blouses, but also swimsuits!

sweetheart neckline

Give your neck some love

The skin on your neck is different from the skin on your face. There’s less collagen and fewer oil glands, so the skin on your neck is typically dryer. Dry skin ages quicker, and since there’s less fatty tissue in that area, it also sags faster than your face. Our faces shouldn't hog all the products. Let's do something for our highly susceptible necks.

Make sure your neck is in the best shape and the pink of health with the Amazing Greys Daily Restoration Neck Cream. It’s packed with new collagen boosting ingredients and Vitamin C to sculpt your skin and make it smoother. It is clinically proven to result in a visibly toned neck - 29% firmer in 28 days & 41% firmer in 56 days! It works great on your face and décolletage too. Use it twice a day for best results. 

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