How to manage grey hair frizz during monsoons.


The Indian monsoon brings in its wake something far less charming than pakoras and chai and paper boats in puddles. The humidity. Not only does it get uncomfortably sticky it also wreaks havoc on your hair. Even perfectly styled hair descends into an unmanageable state of frizz. Straight hair becomes wavy, wavy hair becomes curly, curly hair becomes frizzy and already frizzy grey hair…? The very definition of a hot mess!


Human hair is very sensitive to humidity. It affects the cuticle (the outer-most layer of the hair). The more damaged the cuticle, the more easily moisture can penetrate and cause hydrogen bonds to form between water molecules and the proteins in your hair, creating frizz.


While there’s nothing you can do to fob off the humid weather, here are a few things you can do to fight frizz.

  • THE RIGHT SHAMPOO – Choose a gentle shampoo minus sulfates and parabens. Frizzy hair is basically damaged hair and can do without external aggressors. Make sure it’s a nourishing shampoo that strengthens hair structure.
  • HYDRATION – Believe it or not, dryness is humidity’s partner in crime. The dryer your hair the more moisture it soaks up causing it to swell and stay frizzy. Use only a super-duper hydrating conditioner that fortifies cuticles and leaves hair looking smoother. Preferably one without silicones which could make your hair feel heavy.
  • DON’T OVERWASH – While sticky weather may make you feel like taking frequent showers be sure not to overwash your hair. This dries out your hair and leave it more prone to frizz.
  • THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE  - Ensure that you don’t rinse with hot water. You are better off with cold or lukewarm water which seals cuticles and prevents frizz.
  • DRY RIGHT – Natural drying is the best option to avoid frizz. Wet hair tangles easily and harsh rubbing with a towel leaves cuticle open to damage. If you must use a towel, try blotting or gently squeezing. If you don’t have time and need to use a dryer, make sure you keep it at a lower temperature setting and use it at least 20 cm away from your hair.
  • DON’T OVERBRUSH – Over combing or brushing damages the cuticle, especially when the hair is wet. Use a wide toothed comb to detangle.
  • THE RIGHT ACCESSORIES – Regular cotton towels, pillowcases and scrunchies are too harsh for hair and could result in friction which spells disaster for frizzy hair. Use a gentler microfiber towel, satin pillowcases and satin scrunchies to tame frizz and calm flyaways.
  • AVOID HARSH PRODUCTS – If your hair has been constantly exposed to harsh chemical products or colours or is over-processed or over-styled chances are that you’re dealing with a lot of damage-related frizz. Always make sure you use products that are gentle on your strands.
  • LEAVE-IN PROTECTION PRODUCTS – Using products that protect your hair are more important than products that simply style. Use a good serum that coats hair from root to tip to protect from external aggressors like UV rays, and air & water pollution which cause frizz and damage.



Grey hair is weaker, drier, more damaged and frizzier than black hair. The Amazing Greys haircare range is specially formulated to tackle even acute grey hair frizz and other specific grey hair concerns. Never skip a single step to get total care and never break the habit to get hair that’s the healthiest and happiest it’s ever been.

  • Daily Restoration Shampoo  - Helps absorb nutrients for Stronger Greys. As hair starts greying, its ability to absorb nutrients decreases, causing hair to grow drier and weaker. Packed with antioxidants from Olive and Soybean, this shampoo gently cleanses, repairs damage, restores healthy natural oil and moisture balance and revives hair strength.
  • Intense Hydration Conditioner - Prevents dryness to fight frizz for Smoother Greys. Even if coloured, grey hair gets dry and frizzy as it loses its ability to retain moisture. With a refreshing cocktail of Olive and Black Spruce antioxidants, this conditioner fights frizz by locking in moisture from root to tip to make hair super smooth and manageable.
  • Daily UV Shield Serum  - Prevents yellowing for Radiant Greys. Grey hair loses melanin, leaving it vulnerable to sun, air and water pollution damage which gives it an unsightly yellow tint. The antioxidant goodness of Kakadu Plum and Black Spruce in this serum prevents and reverses yellowing of greys by protecting against urban dust, UV rays, and heavy metal, mineral and chemical pollution in water.

Dermatologically Tested - Natural Actives - Colour-safe - No Alcohol - No Sulphates - No Parabens - No Phthalates - No Silicones - Vegan - Not Tested on Animals


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