Grey pride is here to stay

Welcome to the best part of life. 

For far too long, getting white hair had been a sign of ageing and losing your beauty. When the truth is, it is a new beginning and you've never looked better. With all confidence like never before, you are at your amazing best and it shows.

At Amazing Greys, we believe beauty is not just the privilege of the young, instead, one can look stunning at any age. We are the first ever Indian brand to create specialist personal care products for men and women over 40. We welcome it, greys and all. And we're always on the look out for those who celebrate age too. Here are two women we interviewed about their personal journeys to going grey. Hope their stories encourage and inspire you to stop trying to recognise your old self in the mirror, but to see your amazing new self.


“I started graying when I was 35 years old. Over the next 15 years, I somehow fell in love with my greys and as they started getting more prominent, I started loving the classy and elegant me more and more.  

Friends and family were constantly advising me to colour my hair, they said I have aged before time. Going for a haircut was like a nightmare. My hairdresser would keep on recommending colours and streaks. But I never relented because I was in love with my greys.  

Maintaining greys has been fairly challenging. But with Amazing Greys products, I am loving my hair even more. It has softened the frizzy hair and brought in shine. I am committed to this product forever.” 


Deepa Ravi

"I started greying in my mid 30's...must be genetic! And I had been colouring my hair for almost 20 years. My hair is naturally curly and thick. But over time, I had issues with damaged hair, thinning, and split ends. I contemplated shaving my head for years before I summoned up the courage two years ago! In all honesty, the pandemic lockdown helped, because I wasn't meeting anyone anytime soon. 

When the hair started growing out, I found it was back to the lovely texture I'd missed so much. And I attributed it to leaving it grey! I'm absolutely in love with my new look and people have been complimenting me on it! No more touch ups at the hairline, no more stinky hair dyes. Life is good! 

At 53, I'm embracing my natural look wholeheartedly! It's very empowering to stay grey and own it with confidence! I only wish I'd done it earlier. But as they say, better late than never!"


With grey hair comes great responsibility.

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Amazing Greys is a personal care brand that celebrates age and all that comes with it. Our range of products for grey haircare is the first of its kind in India and is specially formulated to care for greying hair, whether coloured or not. It is free of harsh chemicals and loaded with natural actives. Grey is weaker, frizzier and more prone to damage than black hair. That's why products made for naturally black hair are not good enough. Switch to our specialist products for stronger, smoother and brighter grey hair. Whether you embark on your journey to embrace your natural greys, or continue to colour them, the first step is to give your hair the special care it needs. The Amazing Greys range of grey haircare products, including a shampoo, conditioner, and serum, are the perfect regimen to care for your silver hair.


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