Grey and proud - Embracing grey hair

Silver hair is in, stereotypes are out.

Society has historically put a premium on youth. For far too long, going grey was a symbol of “letting go", but now the stigma that comes with silver strands is rapidly fading away. With the lockdown came a revolution within every home as women began embracing natural shades of grey. Even premature greying is no more uncommon with youngsters flaunting the salt-and-pepper look. Today, going grey no longer means that someone has “given up”, but instead is making a statement of confidence. 

Here are two gorgeous Indian women telling us their transition stories to inspire more and more women to accept their natural beauty. 

1. Anushka

grey hair woman

"I am a writer, a feminist, mother and a believer in all things natural. I started greying at age 25 and used henna on my hair until I came to the US and had my daughter. Something had shifted after my daughter’s birth. I was more assertive and more aware of what I wanted. 

After coming back from a trip to India, at the age of 32, I decided to let my hair be! With new mom duties and sleepless nights, henna was the last thing on my mind. I must mention the support I got from my tribe here. Nobody noticed my greys or advised me to colour them. Nobody cared for the colour of my hair. As I gained more confidence in being myself, it started to reflect in my environment too. Strangers started complimenting me and salons stopped asking me why I didn’t colour my greys. 

But I believe that the change came in my heart first. I started accepting my new self in the mirror and fell in love with my hair. Since then, it’s just been about unconditional love and care for my mane. I am never against colouring but when it starts to affect a woman’s confidence? That’s where it becomes problematic. So I say do what YOU want to do and not what society or the media tells you or yells at you! 
It’s been close to five years now since I last put henna on my hair. I have fallen in love with myself all over again and my greys are a proud part of my 30s!"


2. Nyla Masoodgrey hair woman 

"I tried henna in my 30s and then started dyeing my hair around 40, using funky coloured highlights. I always enjoyed sporting a non-conventional look. 

It was when I did bright blue highlights, and my global colour required some touch up, both my hair dresser and I realised the grey was looking good! That was the end of my global colouring! And, in any case, with short hair, you don't go through that horrible transition that longhaired women go through when they choose to turn grey. So it was very organic for me.

I feel so happy to be grey! I get more compliments now than ever before!!! 

Grey hair gives me a sense of freedom, a sense of comfort in my are what you are, and you flaunt it unabashedly! "


With grey hair comes great responsibility.

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