It's time to rock your greys

There is nothing more sexy than someone living their truth and for many, going grey has been a gateway to their most confident and gorgeous selves. While for some it's a no-brainer, for others it may be a tough decision to make, considering they would have to defy societal pressure. But if there’s one thing they'll tell you, it’s that, it was one of the most liberating choices they’ve made. The message is loud and clear: you no longer need permission to be you.

Amrita Ghosh


I am 41 and started greying in my early 30s. I did colour for a couple of years but that was more because professional colours made my hair more manageable. When I noticed that my grey roots had increased I was so excited that I stopped colouring. I got mixed response obviously. Greying is immediately associated with age, many kept saying I look older, many advised me with colouring. I simply nodded and passed by! However, a lot of people have complimented me, even got inspired to ditch the dye. Personally, I think greying has done wonders for my face! Bright lipsticks never looked so good on me before! I know I will keep getting unsolicited advise but I am so happy with how hair is turning that I don't care even if people think I am 60!  

Pallavi Sidhu

grey hair indian woman

Hi, I am a fashion designer working at ColorBar, India's leading cosmetics brand. I love design and painting watercolours is my favourite! I am mom to a beautiful & talented daughter, my equal half of the family, my husband is an intelligent advocate and a very outgoing man. He likes me for who I am and encourages me to be myself. My daughter loves the way I carry my hair and wants to imbibe my style. I am so glad to be her fashion icon! 

I have always loved black & white colour and my hair is a reflection of that. I have coloured my hair 6-8 years back, only once, did not like it. Although I was looking much younger after hiding my greys but I was not looking like Myself. So I stopped it!  Family and folks around told me to colour my hair for family wedding or for social function n all but I could not get the courage to do so again 😆 People do make fun also, saying you look old, motherly, mature know all society stereotypes. Do I care!? Nah…I am in love with my greys, actually my amazing greys. 😉


Grey hair has lost more than just its colour, it’s also lost melanin which acts as a natural shield against environmental stressors like UV rays. So grey hair is more prone to damage than regular hair and starts getting an unsightly yellow tone overtime.

grey hair serum

The Amazing Greys Daily UV Shield Serum has resveratrol, an antioxidant which absorbs UV rays to help reverse and prevent yellowing of greys so the result is healthier, more radiant-looking grey hair. 


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