The silver lining in going grey

Discovering your first grey hair is a milestone no one ever forgets. Going grey is a thing of pride and a statement of self-confidence. We asked a few women who embraced and celebrate their greys to tell us about their inspiring journey while transitioning from coloured hair to natural greys. Here's what they had to say.

Kumud Gaur 

grey hair indian woman

I am a social worker, housewife and a happy mother of 3 wonderful kids. Although I am about to cross 52 years of my existence on this planet, it was only 2 years ago during Covid lockdown in our country that I realised, “Why should I make my hair subject to so many harsh chemicals, colours, products just to look like someone I am actually not?” The need to embrace what nature gives to everyone of us with time, changed my mind about how I perceive beauty. Beauty is not how to constantly change our outer self just to please the world which is following a particular norm of how everyone should not look like their actual age! For me, real beauty is in accepting what you really are and embracing the person you are from within. If we simply keep ourselves nourished from within, by healthy eating and exercising habits, then whatever the colour of your hair maybe, you always feel satisfied and happy in your heart. And that is what everything is about, how to actually be happy.


Aarti Sharma

grey hair woman india

"GREYLY BEAUTIFUL"...really...Hi I'm Aarti Sharma, 52 years, in the fashion industry for the last 25 years, true to my greys in every way.  
As would be with most people I started colouring my hair in my mid 30s and for almost a decade thought that was the right thing to do, until I shaved my head one night (literally) and haven't touched colour since. The most sensible decision ever.  
For the last 5 years I have been proudly carrying my grey mane with pride. Have been stopped and complimented and asked on many occasions on how I manage to keep them so beautifully maintained and in great health. My only reply is love your hair for what they are, carry yourself with as much confidence and self belief as you would otherwise. It's just a part of the change process and the sooner one accepts it, the more comfortable one can be with it.  
There is not a day that goes by without me looking myself in the mirror and saying "Greyly Beautiful".


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