Grey haircare product review by Sparkling Silvers

We are big fans of Anjana Dubey a.k.a. Sparkling Silvers, a grey hair champion who encourages women all over the world and gives them the confidence to embrace their greys. 

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Anjana shares her personal experience of going grey on her blog Sparkling Silvers and instagram page @sparklingsilvers. She also interviews women who flaunt their greys and shares their incredible transition stories. She has thousands of followers globally who love and respect her, a community of grey hair women who look to her for haircare advice, styling tips, product reviews, inspiration and more. 

grey hair woman, silver hair, white hair, grey hair styles

This is her review of the Amazing Greys grey haircare shampoo, conditioner and serum for stronger, smoother and brighter hair. 

An excerpt: 

"You have to give your greys extra nourishment and care as it is dryer, frizzier, coarser in some cases and has a different texture than pigmented hair; hence it needs special attention to tame them. 

After I came across Amazing Greys products, I realized that you have to switch your products from the regular ones to the products specially formulated for natural grey hair, whether you colour your hair or keep it sparkling silver.

Amazing Greys is India’s first grey hair care brand that launched a range of hair care products specially formulated for grey hair. The products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free."

Read the full review here

grey hair woman, silver hair, white hair, saree

About Amazing Greys

Amazing Greys is a personal care brand that celebrates age and all that comes with it. Our range of products for grey haircare is the first of its kind in India and is specially formulated to care for greying hair, whether coloured or not. It is free of harsh chemicals and loaded with natural actives. Grey is weaker, frizzier and more prone to damage than black hair. That's why products made for naturally black hair are not good enough. Switch to our specialist products for stronger, smoother and brighter grey hair. Whether you embark on your journey to embrace your natural greys, or continue to colour them, the first step is to give your hair the special care it needs. The Amazing Greys range of grey haircare products, including a shampoo, conditioner, and serum, are the perfect regimen to care for your silver hair.

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