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Amazing Greys: Never Outgrow Beauty

No matter how old we get there are some things that never change. We never outgrow our dreams, zest for life, sense of humour, need...

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Featured in The New Indian Express

Amazing Greys launched India's first grey haircare range in July 2021 for pre-orders and by August 1st we opened for business across the country. It's been...

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Featured in The Economic Times

“Other than being a segment that’s almost as large as the youth, the 45+ generation is the noisiest table at bars, the most adventurous travellers,...

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Going Vegan For The Grey-ter Good.

On the 6th and 7th of August we were honoured to be a part of the URU Vegan Market at the lovely Hatworks Boulevard, Cunningham...

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Naturally Amazing: Going Grey

Inspiring Grey Hair Transition Journeys. For years, society has put a premium on youth, with the Indian personal care market being rife with anti-ageing and...

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Stefano De Napoli: The Italian Ironman.

Living without age limits. “I live like a 20-year-old with a future full of possibilities,” states Stefano De Napoli, 57, when asked if he has...

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