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Look better than ever with specially formulated grey haircare & skincare.

Gorgeous Greys

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Strengthens Hair - Fights Frizz - Prevents Yellowing

Clinically Proven

Visibly Toned Neck in 28 Days

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Clinically Proven

72 Hour Hydration

Specially formulated for ageing dry skin


As your body changes, so should your self-care.

Amazing Greys is India's first range of age-proud beauty and personal care products, every one of which is specially formulated to meet the needs of your changing body.


Customer Reviews

One of the best body creams so far! It glides smoothly, my skin feels fresh and rejuvenated. Thanks for this wonderful cream!

Sujatha Nair

Neck cream has actually reduced fine lines - I used it on a deep wrinkle on my forehead and I can’t even see it anymore.

Parvathy Menon

Ticks all the boxes! It is so divinely moisturising and immediately firms and smoothens the neck, I've seen the results.


The fragrance is beautiful as it lingers throughout the day. A must try as it makes the skin feel soft and super fresh.

Juhi Kapoor

The downside of going grey is dry and frizzy hair. Amazing Greys has come to my rescue. Shampoo and conditioner smell divine too. I love it so far.

Kashmira Mody

The serum makes my hair feel silkier. I’ve noticed it doesn’t make my hair need a wash as frequently as my previous product.

Monisha K


Dermatologically Tested

· Colour Safe · Natural Actives · No Harmful Chemicals · Not Tested on Animals · Vegan